Auguste Brion (1861-1940)

Born of a famous line of descendants, whose most famous is Frédérique Brion(1), Auguste (Guillaume Edouard) Brion studied in Paris and became architect in 1888. He succeeded to his father's business Auguste(2) (Philippe) (1832-1902), architect and master-buider in Strasbourg. He enters into partnership until 1909 with his brother Paul. His works are strongly influenced by neo renaissance and neo-baroque. Nevetheless, we can report some art nouveau buildings like the 22, rue Sleidan and the 13, rue de Reims. He realized several buildings, mainly on his own ground-plots. In 1900, he fonds the Fédération des Entrepreneurs (Master-builders Federation), then, in 1901, the Société pour la Conservation des Monuments Historiques d'Alsace (Society for Preservation of Historic Buildings in Alsace).

(1) (1752-1813) F. Brion had a fleeting liaison with Goethe.
(2) A. P. Brion is the brother of the architect Jacques Brion (1843-1910), the great-nephew of Frédérique Brion.
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