Alfred Marzolff 1867-1936

After a training at Eugène Dock's workshop (where Bartholdi and Rodin where pupils), Marzolff carried on his education in Munich before coming back around 1891 to Strasbourg. He is awarded with the first state's prize for a bronze named Der Bogenspanner (The Archer). That opened him the way to fame, and so, to orders issued from the bourgeoisie and the nobility. Marzolff enters the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs in 1892 as a professor of decorative modelling. He leaves that position one year later. His social position allows him to do a study trip to Florence in 1901, then to let build in 1903 his house at the 3, rue des Pontonniers in neo-renaissance style by Oberthur. He equipped it with 3 workshops, among them a large one on the street-level for monumental works. The street elevation is richly decorated by sculptures doing that way his best ad. The german competitors (who swept off nearly all of the official orders), then the local ones let make him feel their importance, so that he retires to country (at Rountzenheim). The end of World War I signifies for him the arrival of french competitors. He meets with several checks as he took part in important public competitions (Pasteur Monument, place de l'Université; monument for the Marseillaise; monument place de la République). He must content with doing war memorials and realizes architectural sculptures. Marzolff dies in 1937, wekened by a cancer, and without orders.

Some works by Marzolff that can be seen in Strasbourg:


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