Hotel Brion

22, rue Sleidan, Strasbourg in 1904-05 by BRION Listed monument since 1975

Auguste Brion realized that mansion, formerly intended for himself. The structure combines a wooden framework to reinforced concrete walls, meanwhile the street elevation is of ashlar. The façades show a great plasticity, as well as the iron works of the foreyard. The vault's intrados that sustains the balcony in the central bay is sculptured with irises, the beloved art nouveau's flower. The iron doors are adorned with lilies. The naturalistic decor meets a more geometric one ("buttons", witnessing the viennese Secession influence) under the cornice. The fore-part at right hosts a winter garden which was surmounted since 1908 by an iron veranda lit by stained glass windows. Art nouveau is also present inside the house, with stuccos, wainscoting, etc... which have nothing to owe to the beauty of the façades. The stairwell is lit (on the backside) by a stained glass window with irises. The plan itself is innovating as the rooms are organized around an octogonal hall (showing a belgian influence: i. e. hôtels Tassel & Eetvelde in Brussels, by Horta), giving the evidence that this building is truly art nouveau, and probably the only one remaining in Strasbourg.


Signature  General view  Gate in front of the street garden  Balcony  Entrance gate  Lilies  Winter-garden  Irises 

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