"Stile Liberty" in Torino

Torino was the Italian capital city from to under the reign of Victor Emanuele II. The FIAT car company was founded in Torino in 1889 and Lancia car company was created in 1906. 

It homed the Decorative Arts exhibition in 1902 which was one of the most important Art Nouveau manifest.

Pietro Fenoglio, Turinese fenomeno!

Pietro Fenoglio is the most well kown architect of Turinese Art Nouveau.

Casa Fenoglio- La Fleur

11, Via Principi d'Acaja / corso Francia
Fenoglio, 1902-03


Palazzina Scott

Corso Giovanni Lanza, 57
Fenoglio, 1902

Palazzina Rossi

via Passalacqua, 14
Fenoglio, 1903


Casa Florio

Via Monte di Pieta 26
Fenolglio, 1907


Other architects works

casa Maffei

Corso Montevecchio, 50
Mazzucotelli (Iron work), Vandone (architect), 1909

Mazzucotelli is a Milanese iron maker. The most well known Italian Art Nouveau iron maker. This building is important bothl for the quality of the frescos showing women and a bird and for its iron balconies.

FIAT building

Corso Dante, 10 / via Marocchetti, 1
Premoli, 1904-06

Nice Art Nouveau industrial building. FIAT company was created in Torino. There are still today thousands of employies in the FIAT factories in the neighbourhoods of Torino.

via Duchessa Jolanda, 19-21 / via Collegno, 45
Vandone, 1912

Casa Avezzano

via Vico, 2 / via Massena
Betta, 1912

This building shows the return of historical architectural elements at the end of the first decade of XXth century. Although the general composition is modern.

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