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At the end of last century, Barcelona was quaked by anarchism together with catalan nationalism. It was an area of quick industrial development and the artistic world was not forgotten. The catalan modernism movement aimed to gather every artistic skill and wanted to get out of the steady and leisurely historicism like other european Art Nouveau movements. It starts from the 1880 wiyh the painter Ramon Casas and the theoriser Cirici Pellicer.

L'Eixample: This famous part of Barcelone gathers more than 150 modernist buildings including the Sagrada Familia.

Famous Architects: Gaudi, Domenech i Montaner, Jujol, Puig y Cadafalch

World fairs in 1888 and 1929.

Other places in Catalonya

Tarragona, Sant Saturni d'Anoia, Reus, Palma de Mayorca have also some modernist buildings.



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