The name of the Art Nouveau movement in Norway in "National romantism". It is a mix of modernism and traditionnal Viking architecture. It is a common fact that Art Nouveau architecture was influenced by country specific features.


This town burnt in 1904 and was totally rebuilt in an Art Nouveau style. Most of it survives today. It is a must.

Info about Aalesund. The information below is from this site :

The art nouveau town
In 1988 Ålesund was awarded the coveted Houens National Memorial Prize for the preservation of its unique Art Nouveau architecture. The façades and buildings are elaborately decorated in the continental turn-of-the-century style which has almost disappeared elsewhere in the world. Manyfold spires and turrets bearing traces of Norwegian architecture with dragonheads etc. complete the town's warm feel. We recommend you to stroll down the following streets Kongensgate, Apotekergate, Løvenvoldgate or Kirkegate. The pedestrian zone, Kongensgate, stands forward as one of the most beautiful streets in Norway!

A guided walk/stroll with local guide through the Art Nouveau town is increasingly popular. This includes a walk around the Brosundet old fishing harbour and through the town centre giving time to study the architecture and its details. This takes 2 hours. More info in this link : fares, ....

Thanks to Alex Hansen who emailed me this information.



The second AN town after Aalesund.

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