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Bruxelles is the capital city of Belgium and is also the capital city of the Art Nouveau world. It is impossible to count how many buildings had been built around 1900 in the Art Nouveau style. A style that also began in this town with the Tassel House by Horta in 1893. When reading books about Art Nouveau there not much place for other works but Horta's or sometimes also Hankar's. These two architects are the two majors but a lot of other artists have done a job that is worth seeing: Blérot, Van de Velde, Hamesse, Taelemans, Vizzavona, Cauchie...
In 1900, the Bruxelles of nowdays was divided in a lot of little surburb towns that rounded the inner city. In the second part of the XIXth century, the city wall was destroyed to make a circling boulevard.
The inner city was not very touched by Art Nouveau because there were not many destruction of older quaters but the surburbs like St Gilles/Sint Gillis, Ixelles/Elsene, Forest/Voorst and Uccle/Ukkel feature hundreds of Art Nouveau buildings or villas that you still can see nowdays even if some of them are in a pity shape.


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