The limit between Art Nouveau and the fonctionalism school (Bauhaus) of Gropius is very moving. It depends a lot of the point of view. The architect Behrens is seen for instance as belonging to the two movements. The German word for "Art Nouveau" is Jugendstil. Literaly it is the style of the magazine called "Jugend" (which means youth). Jugend was created in 1897 in München.

In 1900, the German empire was governed by the Prussian, and it was divided in many "great dukedom" that had a limited autonomy against the central power of Guillaume II. Its borders included Alsace and Lorraine which were annexed in 1870 from France and are now back to France. The town of Strasbourg is therefore described in a german context.

Various Secession movements were created in the main towns of the german empire at the end of 19th century. This movements and artists in "applied arts" are relatively well studied whereas Art Nouveau architecture is not as well known in Germany today. Despite of the destruction of World War II, nearly every big town of Germany still have Art Nouveau buildings that you can find in no books but by wandering in 1900 blocks, often architectural guides ignore them.

German empire Towns

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