Modernism in Barcelona

Modernism is the name of Art Nouveau in Spain. You will often find authors that assimilate Antonio Gaudi and modernism. Of course Gaudi is the most important architect of the modernism movement in Barcelona. But it would be really unfair to forget all the really good stuff to see in Barcelona and its surroundings built by Josef Maria Jujol, Puig i Cadafalch, Domenech i Montaner, and numerous other artists. I have pointed out over 400 remaining modernist buidings in Barcelona.

Gaudi in Barcelona

Let's go and have a first walk for the Gaudi tour in Barcelona. You'd better take a metro one day ticket or buy good shoes as the different buildings are not always in the same area.

See also some works by Gaudi outside barcelona

Other do-not-miss buildings of Barcelona

It was really hard to make a choice among the hundreds of remaining buildings.

Shops :

The most represented shops are chemisteries (farmacias) and a good number still exist, it was a period where farmacias where created in Barcelona. You will even find farmacias with original furniture. But the two most interesting shops are :

The panaderia (backery) situated at Girona, 73 is another must see. This is one of the very few wooden facade in Barcelona. Its shape is definitely Art Nouveau, but the central armory still remind the middle ages. Its designer is unknown. p227p18_s.jpg (10225 octets)

p225p09_s.jpg (8168 octets) The shop "El Siglo" by FERRES i PUIG, HOMS i MONCUSI & MAS i MORELL at Carrer de Pelai, 54 (very near placa de Catalunya) is an example of the influence of  Viennese and Prague Secessions. This building is also called "Casa Damians". Look at the glass globe that crowns the tower and appreciate the monumental composition. p225p10_s.jpg (7053 octets)

Official buildings :

Private buildings :


Art Nouveau Restaurants in Barcelona

Outskirts of Barcelona :

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