Maisons du gardien

Carrer d'Olot, park Guell, Barcelona by GAUDI i CORNET & JUJOL i GIBERT

The park Guell was inspired by the English theories about garden cities. The place is a mounty area with a view to the sea. Because of the slope, Gaudi created some u turn roads supported by pillars to give an access to every planed house. The village was centered around a covered market and on its top a large place surrounded by a snaky bank skined with broken pieces of ceramics by Jujol. It was first planed to build as much as 60 houses of which 4 only were built: the Conciergerie and the welcome house in a mushroom shape, the Dr Trias'house, the Casa Museu Gaudi by Domenech i Montaner in 1904 where Gaudi lived from 1904 and 1926. This house is now transformed in a museum. The backgroung image is inspired from the border of Casa Gaudi windows. p229p25s.jpg (9167 octets)
p229p13s.jpg (10310 octets)
p229p21s.jpg (8892 octets)
p229p10s.jpg (9764 octets)
p229p29s.jpg (8641 octets)  

The snaky bank illustrates the Gaudi's skill to turn ordinary materials (it was rubbish from the ceramic factories) into a fairy convivial work. The search of a good structure is also very present in this work with the ch-shaped 4cm width bricks roof of the conciergerie and the voidened columns of the covered market to gather the rain water in order to fill a tank to feed the various fontains.


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