Collegi de les Teresianes

85-105, c de Ganduxer et rda del General Mitre, Barcelona in 1888-89 by GAUDI i CORNET & BORREL i CARDONA Listed monument since 1969

Collegi de les Teresianes, 10K
77K, 342x595
The Collegi de les Teresianes is a convent of the St Therese of Avila monastic order. Gaudi took this project on the fly. It was started one year earlier by an unknown architect. The flat rectangular plan was already settled. The difficulties in this project were getting a low cost (the teresian order nuns is mean). Gaudi used bricks and ch-shaped archs in order to eliminate the two supporting walls that used the unknown architect for the ground floor. It results in a higher liberty for organizing space. In fact, these ch-shaped arches, essential element of the structure, are also used as a decorative pattern in all the building. We can point out one of Viollet le Duc's lessons: the decoration must be closely related to the structure.


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