Conciergerie et écuries de la Finca Guèll

Avinguda de Pedralbes, 7 / pg de Manuel Girona / av Joan XXIII, Barcelona in 1884-87 by GAUDI i CORNET Listed monument since 1969

The Finca Guell is composed of two buildinds: the caretaker's lodge and the stable (image #4). It is still done in a mudejar style but the organization of space is yet really new. The two buildings are linked by stylisic unity and a wonderful modernist dragon iron gate (image #3, #5 and #6): shake its paw to open the door!! The door is topped by a pinnacle (image #2). The caretaker's lodge is octogonal covered by a flat cupola topped with a little tower. Gaudi enhances the contrast between a white luminous interior and the textured exterior with a roof structure in half tubes sustained by elliptical archs. Gaudi played with textures using ceramics tiles bricks and half circle decorations (image #1)


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