Palau Guèll (Museu de les Arts de l' Espectacle)

3-5, Carrer Nou de la Rambla, Barcelona in 1886-89 by GAUDI i CORNET & BERENGER i MESTRES & OLIVERAS i GENSANA Listed monument since 1985

One of the must by Gaudi. Gaudi gives us the result of his thoughts about what should be a house for a "Lord". The plan of this building is revolutionary. It is centred on a 3 story high reception room that has a natural stared ceiling (small apertures in the ceiling makes light enter like beams from the stars). Really impressive and cool. The wood work reminds me Arts & Crafts (see especially the V&A; museum). The façade has 2 large metal doors to let the carriage and pair enter. This contribute also to magnify the size of the building. In this building Gaudi used for the first time the 5th façade (the flat roof) and played with the design of a dozen of decorated chimneys (see one on picture #2). The building is open for visits.


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