Ecoles paroissiales du temple

401, c de Mallorca, Barcelona in 1909 by GAUDI i CORNET & BERENGER i MESTRES

The church school is composed of two temporary buildings made of bricks at a very low cost. The roof is only 8 cm thick but the use of a special shape gives a very strong result. The shape is a "ruled surface", a mathematical term that means that the surface is a set of straight lines. It makes it very simple to build it with bricks. The surface is supported by two quincunx undulations and so the result is strong and self porting. See the result on the picture. Easy to build, very strong, money saving, I will add also a functional advantage, the icing on the cake: because this roof does not need any foundation wall inside, the two partition walls can be moved to reconfigure the classrooms. With a flat roof, the thickness would really be more important, and would have required more expensive materials and technics and also foundation walls. I have forgotten only one advantage about this structure, last but not least, it is beautiful!


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