Casa Batlló i Casanovas

43, passeig de Gracia, Barcelona in 1904-07 by GAUDI i CORNET & JUJOL i GIBERT & RUBIO i BELLVER & BAYO i FONT

A must. Maybe one of the most well know building by Gaudi!

Gaudi did not built this house he only transformed it. One should even better say he muted it. Everything has become soft so one can easily understand that Dali loved it. There are no angles, no plane surfaces. The walls become a skin made of ceramics. The bow window is often compared by barcelonians to bones. The roof tiles recall scales of fish, the ridge tile a backbone. This continues inside. The two light holes give a constant light throught all the stories thanks to a blue gradation (dark to the top and white to the ground floor). Gaudi designed the lift, the carekeeper's lodge, the step railing, the doors, the furniture,.. The main appartement (Batllo's one) settled on the first floor behind the bow window is really a marvel. The integration to the environment (the house on the left is lower) is done by a tower that shifts in a beautiful way the left part of the roof lower. The organic kingdom is everywhere. It is the most imaginative work by Gaudi.

p228p16s.jpg (9622 octets) Casa Batllo, 17K



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