Torre de J Figueres "Bellesguard"

16-20, c de Bellesguard, Barcelona in 1900-09 by GAUDI i CORNET & BERENGER i MESTRES & RUBIO i BELLVER

The Bellesguard tower is ispired by historical Catalan architecture. It is built on a historical site and this country house with its decorated front door, its sharp crenels and its belfry has a look that is definitely rooted in the medieval time, one of the glorious period for Barcelona. The whole modernist movement was closely related to the nationalist and the independentist movements. The references to the glorious past of Catalunya is a common feature in Arts at that time. This has lead in architecture to a Catalan gothic revival. But this building is not only a gothic like building, it is a modern building. It has two sides: the gothic outside and the Art Nouveau inside. One severe and one delightful. One square and one rounded. The integration of the building in its site explains the reference to the middle ages in such a historical place.


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